Introducing Eana’s Savory, Crispy Guyanese Cheese Straw. Perfect for an individual snack, or group proceedings. It’s bound to be your savory star no matter the occasion.

For the uninitiated, Guyana is renowned for its savory staple: the Cheese Roll. This unique variant removes the conventional pastry shell found in common Guyanese cheese roll. Creatively turning the recipe effectively – inside out. The traditional pastry shell is replaced by the fusion of flour and cheese. Hardening and crispifying the ingredients into a crunchy munch no Cheez-It could hope to match. A dash of pepper, and a glimmer of mustard add pop to this circumstance.

Carefully baked until glowing golden. Every order includes 10 x 12” strands woven from hand. Each straw can be snapped in half, producing 19-20, 5-6” pieces if desired as well. The pieces are carefully packaged in a special airtight container to maintain freshness. All orders are made fresh to ensure only the most satisfying experience.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 40 in
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