The DefinitiveCoconut Pastry

From the land of many waters comes this irresistible coconut pastry. Made entirely by hand – this soft, flavorful and just-sweet-enough creation is undoubtedly unique and a must try for any pastry aficionado.

Found in corner shops to street vendors and stalls in Georgetown Guyana, this sweet staple is made by selecting just the right coconut. Opened and peeled entirely by hand, and hand shredded – the moist flakes are the key to infusing the pastry with flavor.

Love.Authenticity.In Every Bite.

Once the coconut is shredded, it is mixed with sugar and dyed red – per tradition and custom. The already prepared pastry bread roll is then laid out flat with the Salara innards spread evenly over its surface. By hand, the Salara is carefully and gently rolled clockwise until it reaches 18″ long and nearly 3-4″ thick. A layer of egg coating is then applied by brush and painted over the surface.

Baked fresh until golden brown, the crisp outer surface creates a delicious contrast with the baked coconut and soft bread inside. Served warm and sliced. Salara is an eye catching, unique and mouth wateringly good treat perfect for any occasion.

100% Guyanese.100% Fresh.Guaranteed.

Salara. Red Cake. These Words are synonymous with a Guyanese Classic. Impossible to find. Even harder to obtain.